New Orleans

East from Lafayette and to the city of New Orleans, the most European looking place I've been to on this trip.

It was to be a brief visit, but we managed to pack quite a bit in. Naturally the heavens opened and I got rained on for much of my stay. There are still a lot of reminders from Hurricane Katrina

We watched tourists doing the touristy thing, from the traditional

to the more modern

In America the phrase "open containers of alcohol" has strong implications, bascially it seems like you can't drink anywhere except at home or in bars. However in parts of New Orleans, they allow drinking in the streets and there are crowds of Yanks wandering around very self-conciously clutching their drinks, even in the rain. I ventured outside the bar just for a quick photo

Before heading down to the river for a paddle in the water

The famous Mississippi, seen from a different angle