New Friends & Old

Bet you didn't know that Madagascar has crocodiles- so there I was thinking what a bonus it is to be able to camp in an African country and not have to worry about lions, when someone took me to see the crocs!
Must remember not to camp near rivers

and apparently these are just the small ones, look at this croc skin

someone else can do the maths, but I'm 5'6" tall

and look who arrived in town?

It's Kim, the Korean guy on the Honda whom I last saw on the west coast a couple of weeks ago. Once more we're going in opposite directions but we had a couple of beers over dinner. And then in the morning he headed off into the jungle to look for Indri before heading into Tana where he returns his hire bike and gets his next flight onward to... well I can't think of a more extreme opposite to Madagascar at the moment, he's off to Iceland

Good luck Kim. And no, don't worry folks he hasn't been travelling like that 0 it's just his day kit.
Another familiar face ( remember the flat tyre from a while ago?) I was passing through the same village and stopped to have a cup of tea with the family who helped. Antonio wasn't around but his Mum was, and she's carrying around a pic of Antonio sat on Suzi with my sister next to him

I think she has got an eye on my sister being her new daughter-in-law! I tried pointing out that I'm the single one

Mango season has started and my favourite fruit is everywhere and very cheap

and then down the road, just as it started raining I saw these guys and pulled over to see if I could help