Nasca's Lines

That evening we were buzzing in the bar, it had been such an exhilarating ride on those great mountain roads, smooth tarmac, almost no traffic, dry conditions and great curves. We also had a birthday to celebrate

Peruvian Birthday Cake- - we went for large and Kevin the Geordie was delighted. We toasted him with wine and pisco sours.

We'd arrived in Nasca, a dusty desert town with a major draw for tourists...the incredible lines in the desert. Best viewed from the air, I've seen them before, so packed everyone off to the airport to go up in light aircraft.

They came back full of awe at the immense size of the designs and much talk was had about how they were created.
Errm, I didn't actually get the photos from the others of the lines, but I'm sure someone could find one and post it up here to show those who don't know, what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, it has got very hot and as it's a rest day (once I'd done my paperwork) I grabbed a cold beer and did what any sensible person would do

I retired to the pool and took part in another knobbly knee competition!!!