Muddy Escapades


I know of some people who pay good money to do obstacle course races through deep mud- as I reminded my sister, she gets to do it for free!

We'd arrived and under the deceptive surface of the water is deep sucking mud- we didn't want to lose our boots in it, so went barefoot to get us, our gear and Suzi to dry land- and it was a long haul as you will see

I wasn't just watching, I was supervising the bike unloading...

Come on boys, lets see if we can keep the momentum going...

Don't slow down now...

and yes, that IS our bike lying in the dry (ish) mud

sorting out the side stand

Luggage on, sister slogged through mud to a better vantage point, now I've just got to get out off here

this bit is very wet and slippery

and onto dry land