Mud War

As you tune into this latest instalment of my ride, I bet you're wondering just how much more mud there can be - well so was I!

My boots were not looking their best

I cringe to look back at my naivete in taking this "ooh, look how muddy I am picture" as ahead of me was Mud Armaggedon

it was another of those narrow wall of Death paths along the side, which I rode along , or at least attempted to, and then suddenly the front wheel slipped and over we went

whichever angle you look at it, it's not a pretty picture

I pulled myself up out of the mud, and grabbed my camera to take some pictures, setting up the self timer as well, though as I was in a hurry, I didn't quite get a perfect picture

But no time for details, Suzi is in the mud and gradually sinking further into it

I got the bags off- despite being up to my elbows in the mud on the left side I still managed to unstrap the bags without a problem. I then heaved and strained but Suzi was stuck fast whilst I was just sinking deeper into the mud myself. So I had to wait, and sure enough, along came a young man who I persuaded to help me.
10 minutes later, we had Suzi back on semi-firm land,

and I looked a state

My helper was very camera shy and was almost as muddy as me, he went off to the nearest river and cleaned himself up.

And Suzi's other side? Well that didn't look too good either

More muddy escapades followed as I slowly and painfully made my way south, till at last I reached tarmac once more and felt like crying. It was late by the time I made it to the first hotel, where they were shocked but very understanding about my state of extreme muddiness.
I had to remove nearly all my clothes before actually going indoors (definitely no chance of a photo of that) and in the meantime they gave me a cold beer.