Moving On

We'd had an incredible time in the Nubra Valley, but it was time to leave, the view from my window looked like this

Clouds are starting to cluster on the mountain tops- we'd better get a move on to cross the high pass before it started snowing

We encountered some children with no school to go to, who were just playing by a particularly bleak stretch of the road while their parents toiled on nearby roadworks.

we stopped to chat and find out their names

We continue practising close formation riding

heading back up to Khardung La

A roadside snack - with a limited choice of drinks, we tried "Thumbs Up", the local version of coca cola - and agreed there was little similarity between the two except colour

More roadworks to get past

We crossed back over Khardung La

and without the pressure of convoys of lorries to pass, we could take our time going down the other side, stopping for photos and to enjoy the view