Moving On

We've been sharing a support vehicle with another group, and in that group are two Americans. It's early morning on the 4th of July and with secret preparations underway, we greet John and Gary at breakfast

The Ladies of Ladakh present their Comb Choir rendition of the Star Spangled Banner

Luckily for us we had our secret weapon in the form of Barbara who is a church organist and played her tissue paper comb instrument at perfect pitch with the rest of us struggling to stay in tune, whilst US flags tethered to oranges flew on the table.

then back into bike gear and onto the road, we're heading west out of town

Enjoying the stunning scenery

and feeling a bit more relaxed in our riding - we know we won't be encountering snow, ice or even high altitude on these sections of riding

A small town lunch break

and one more mountain

One of our favourite roads of the trip - the Old Road up to Lamayuru Monastery