Mountain Life

Just to prove that you get the warts and all story

This was the sight of my bike after I had kicked the side stand down and run to help one of my riders who was on the verge of dropping her bike in some water. I pushed away too hard and fast, leaving my bike toppling over the side as I ran back to my sttricken rider.
No harm done and some helping hands to get her upright again.
soon back on our way again

we were getting tired and feet are going down a bit more than they should do

when the welcome sight of the chai tents appeared

we pull up and go inside the blue tinted shelters

Mugs of hot chai all round, and then we go in search of a loo...

and for a closer look at what it's like

This was the neighbour one

it was around this time that I seriously considered doing a FaceBook page entitled "Loos of Ladakh"

this is how the family keep their toothbrushes