In Morondava

Fresh back from my jaunt along the Baobab Avenue, we splash out on a meal in town- yep, the Loud Librarian is getting to grips with travelling Tiffany style, when street food rules the way every time. This was a great spot and we ate here a couple of times.

Here’s a close up of the fish that she paid 15 pence for!

Then watched a stand-off between a gecko and a cockroach, no prizes for guessing which one I was cheering on.

The gecko had a go then ran away, to our shock the cockroach then FLEW away.
Cocktails to finish with

and another great sunset

Goodbye to the beach as we head east, for a dash across the country from Morondava to Brickaville.
The usual seaworthy vessels battling the waves - makes some of the boats we take Suzi in look good

Then a quick stop at this shop to get a new mirror - we'd lost our one in one of the sand falls

Almost forgot, we’d bumped into a familiar face- it was Kim the Korean with his bike, and as promised here’s a picture of it for those of you keen on motorbikes. He’s managed to ride the same sandy tracks as us on this bike so he’s doing well.

some random pictures from the road the evening before

as you can see the other traffic is mainly zebu carts