More Utah Wanderings

I left Thelma down on the beach while I had my eye on the lake

But then I had a better idea


Big Splash

The Patented Tiff Coates Method for Washing Muddy Leathers

Meanwhile, around the corner, the ferry had pulled in, the captain was somewhat concerned at spotting an abandoned bike by the edge of the water. He docked the ferry and wasted no time in heading over to investigate, at which point I emerged from the water. He didn't really know what to say except
"Can I help you with your things?!"

and off he walked back to the boat carrying my jacket and helmet, whilst I tried to make myself presentable.

The ferry crossing was extremely windy, which suited me as I sat in the shade while my wet stuff was draped over Thelma drying off.

View from the ferry...lots of rock and lots of water

ferry workers ignoring the clothing draped over Thelma as they prepare for docking

Letting my leathers dry out a bit more, I rode off wearing my shorts