More Boat than Bike

View from the Tent

As night fell, I was still outside looking at the stars- they are incredible out here where there's no artificial light.

It's a perfect temperature, warm but breezy so there is no problem with the mosquitoes.

Sunrise and I looked over towards the guide's tent

They were busy

Suzi was still there as well- no bike rustlers had sneaked up on us in the night, although there had been a lot of animal noises coming from the bushes around us.

breakfast was soon ready

We felt like Victorian Lady Explorers having this sort of service, something I could quite get used to!

6.30am and off we paddle

Spectators are sparse

another sandbank to push the boat past

watched by various pedestrians (yes, they are STILL just wading across the river!)

Others are using zebu carts to collect water

A passing piroguier knows Fali and he paddles alongside us for 40 minutes chatting to our guys

There is a relaxed pace of life on the river.

We spot some people panning for gold and pull up in the shade of a large tree beside them

I check that Henny Penny is still Ok

she's got the bottom bunk underneath Suzi. Abi gives her a comforting hug