Mojave Misadventures

Another beautiful camp spot, just me, Thelma and the animals lurking in the bushes.

a bit off putting to find this on the ground next to my tent in the morning,

and then later having to confess to carrying a there a law against carrying concealed ammunition? is it even safe? I didn't want to leave it just lying there in case some children found it.

trying to get out of the arroyo (dry river bed) taht I had camped in was harder than getting in

the sand seemed to get softer

the another cute highway hound.

I splashed out and had breakfast, a few miles down the road at Peggy Sue's Diner, which appears to be a bit of an institution in this part of the Calfornian desert. YES!! they serve tea, although I have learnt the hard way that I need to ask for HOT tea- otherwise it's a cold, sweet drink which bears no resemblance to real tea.
The waitress was dressed for the part as a diner waitress from the 50's.

Then it was back onto Thelma for more of the highway and the heat. I'm not sure what happens in some parts of America, do they just run out of names and inspiration for things to call places..this is a classic one