Missouri with the Beemers

Yep, I was off to the BMW MOA Rally in Sedalia, Missouri. We rode up in groups from the Ozarks and gathered in the GS Giants Camping area

Ryan wasted no time in getting his hammock up- except that his KTM wasn't sturdy enough for the job and he had to borrow someone's GS as a tethering post

Some of the guys found a place they felt more at home

and put their tents up in the shade inside the Swine Barn...

There were so many things to do, including a Welcome Dinner hosted by Vince Winkel

Lots of fun and laughs, and I got to meet a female motorcycling legend...Voni Glaves, who has ridden over a million miles on BMW bikes.

Meanwhile, they were using JCBs and trucks to create an off-raod skills course next to our campsite, it was starting to look like this

But to be honest, I waited until it was getting dark for my first trial run

the nervous smile says it all as I surveyed the scenes of carnage, where bikes had fallen all along the course

But actually it's Thelma's rear tyre the camera should have zoomed in on, as it was decidedly smooth looking...
and was that mud and...gulp, sand out there on the course