In Minneapolis, I was taken out for a boat trip on a lake, luckily I had all my bike gear as it was a bit chilly, I'm the one who looks like Ten Ton Tessie, but you know what?? I was the only one who was feeling warm.

Moving on swiftly, I made them the national dish of Cornwall

Pasties (except that I've noticed Americans pronounce it a bit different)

 Actually, I can't take all the credit or the pasties, there was some child labour involved too
  and here she is in her more usual guise as a star lacrosse player
On the way back to Chicago to return the 1200, I stopped off in La Crosse, Wisconsin to meet up with a couple of other riders, this is KB, he rides a 1200GS, a red one, it looked like I'd deliberately turned up with a matching bike, although I hadn't gone as far as he does and worn a shirt that matches the bike as well.

We had a meal at a Cajun place called Buzzard Billy's, or something like that. I was fascinated by the fact that they were serving aligator meat. Don't worry folks, I stuck to the veggies.
Also meeting up with us was Ernie Bell - a BMW mechanic who also makes stainless steel tent pegs. He's assured me they will not bend, so I'm intrigued to try some. I'd met Ernie the previous weekend at the BMW meet. He rides an airhead as well.