Market Day

Diego Suarez, not the name of a character in Zorro but the most northerly town in Madagascar. I felt a sense of achievement, I'd now made it from the most southerly, Fort Dauphin all those weeks ago. The plan was to have a rest here, explore a bit then start heading south.
The hotel might be cheap ($9a night including breakfast), the terrace and its views as I eat breakfast are incredible.

And they've got WiFi so a chance to send some emails and let family know I'm still in one piece.

I head off to the market for some food

Various pickled condiments are available, including some lethal looking chillis

And then a stall that looks like a cross between a comedy sketch involving rubber chickens and a scene from a horror film
It's a BYO (Bring Your Own) with a difference - the Chicken Boys are in town. Turn up with your recently purchased chicken, live or dead, they're not picky (the guys not the chickens!). They will kill it, pluck it and even gut it if so required.

This guy is the pedicure expert

Time for any self-respecting vegetarian to move on I to the fruit and veg section

A sight for every Francophile to smile at

Prices are in Francs

I must explain that officially the currency is the Ariary, it was changed nine years ago and re-valued. However in many places, prices are still quoted in Malagasy Francs, which causes me some confusion at times, one Ariary is worth five Francs.