Many Rivers to Cross...

The rum bottle of engine oil strapped on the bike I said goodbye to the villagers, who waved me off as I left,

I wasn’t surprised to find that just down the road was another ferry. There was a line of Lorries waiting on the far bank and I could see why, the regular barge ferry was obviously damaged and being repaired. In the meantime, any vehicle less than a ton (Suzi and I just about fit that category) was being taken across on a makeshift barge powered by hand using a rope attached to both banks.

In the picture you can see a pirogue- this one is paddled by a woman, only the second time I’d seen a woman paddling.


Back to tropical style vegetation, after the moorlands I'd been on for quite a while the previous day, I attempted a self-timed photo to cross this pipe and water obstacle

Then as I rode it, two lads turned up and one of them kindly agreed to take a picture- there is often a fair amount of wariness amongst people I'm meeting in this isolated area so it's not a given that they'll take a picture.

mountains had appeared on the horizon.

I'd paused as this was another river to cross with a ferry, while waiting, my erstwhile photographer and his mate arrived and as a thank you for taking the photo I let them sit on the bike

And in true teenage style, they took photos of each other posing

It's surprising how many people have got mobile phones, these have got cameras on them.

I could have done with their help a bit further on; the river was deep, with a sinking mud feel to it. To be on the safe side I carried the bags through on my shoulder- it was quite a walk

Which made me feel like an intrepid explorer making my way through the undergrowth with the water up to mid-thigh at times