Manali Meanderings

Thanks folks, good to have you along on the ride - maybe next year Karen (duchess) you might join us for real - I've seen you in action with Si Pavey, I know you can do this

Meanwhile, in Manali, we're getting to the end of our sightseeing and I appear to be having problems with my camera

Maybe I need one of these for good luck - it's the chillies dangling from the front grille - I think it's called a puja and they're to ward off evil

Here's a close up of it

For decades, Manali has been on the Hippy Trail, and here was proof that they are still alive and kicking

A brief pause outside a hairdresser's salon - I loved the posters

We have an evening of relaxation, a meal at Chopsticks, and a wander on the streets of Manali which seem to really come to life after dark when the snow tourists are out and about.

A genuine Indian head massage is on offer here - though to be fair, it does look a bit more sinister than that.

My personal favourite were the rabbits

Kids were queuing up to hold them and have a picture taken (for a fee), though to my eye they looked a bit nasty - more General Woundwort than Thumper - I watched Watership Down at an impressionable age. They're angora rabbits which they comb and use the fur for knitting.

On the other side of the street, Barbara was in demand as a photographic model, being asked by lots of different families to pose for photos with them

off to bed early as tomorrow it's back on the bikes, as we head out of town on this bridge