The Makeover Part 2

Joe really got into the swing of things and started spraying the twisted and dented petrol tank

To prove I was taking my boiler-suited role seriously, here I am having a skype conversation with my sister in England, still in work clothes, which as I was on video mode she was able to see and appreciate

Back out into the open-air workshop and even the topbox had a facelift

We start piecing everything back together

which takes a while as nothing seems to fit!!

Meanwhile, Joe is still spraying

Two pairs of hands are needed for this tricky bit

we're getting there

Finishing touches

and then I'm off to Ojai as Thelma has an appointment there

with these guys

This is Adrian, the maestro of BMW seats, he works at Bill Mayers Saddles, and here he is putting the finishing touches to my new GS Adventure seat.

at the end of it all

Thelma looks fantastic and they decided I needed a bit of smartening up too and gave me a new t-shirt.

Huge thanks to Joe, Lara, Erdem, Sarah, Rob, Adrian and the rest of the guys at Bill Mayers.

Thelma and I are ready for the road once more.



Gosh! Really good to have

Gosh! Really good to have seen the step by step pictures ...  Thelma looks SO smart her new look might have come as something of a shock.  Not to mention Thelma's rider in a new t shirt ... who will scruff up first?