Loving Life

Tyre sorted, back on the road, should I be worried by a sign like this??

Loving the multitude of teeth that the skull has

Not sure what it was supposed to be warning about, possibly this...

The sight of the goat on the back of the bike is one of my favourite images from this trip,

It had been a long day of riding and so I was pleased to see this sign, a place to stay

However the sign was the smartest thing about the place, this was the interior wall

I'm not fussy and still had a good night's sleep.

As I rode past (hence the slightly blurred quality - riding one handed at a junction whilst taking a photo), I could smell the ripe mangoes

I did a U Turn, and went back for a closer look and to buy some

Mangoes are my favourite fruit and I was definitely in Madagascar at the right time, we'd reached the height of the mango season, with what seems like hundreds of different varieties for sale - eye-wateringly cheap. I crammed as many as I could into my bag.

I went for a wander in the market

And met a bunch of guys who had obviously heard about my chameleon fetish

So many chameleons and so little luggage space...