Loving Colourful Madagascar

Some culture for you, the room rates (in french) from my hotel

In case you're interested, I opted for the second from the bottom, it basically means a room with a fan, shared bathroom and loo. 18,000 Ariary/£6.

I was in the town of Mahajanga famous for many things including what is possibly the fattest baobab tree in the country - 21 metres in circumference, in fact so big that it forms its own roundabout

I even stopped long enough for a still photo to be taken - one of the advantages of being in a town is that there are other people around whom I can ask to take a photo.

Mahajanga marked the end of the good roads and the possibility of more of that nasty stuff that I'd been having problems with in the south. I paused at one of the most colourful spots I'd seen on my whole journey
Humour me with this one folks as I set the scene
Scene 1
paddy fields with women thinning out the plants

Scene 2
The flame trees framing the field

Scene 3
the zebu ambling into view

Scene 4
The star of the show - Suzi, attempts to steal the scene from the zebu

but actually, it was this guy, with his wheelbarrow who stole the scene completely as far as I was concerned

I'm not sure he had ever heard of pneumatic tyres. there are times like this when I fall in love with my travels all over again.
(I did warn you at the start to humour me with this one)