Land of crocodile-infested swamps and creeks

I'm looking brave for the picture but stll keeping a wary eye on the water's edge behind me. Although the crocs here are nothing compared to the ones in Oz.
I was met at the State Line by friends and rode to Lafayette where I stayed with my good friends Bob and Phyllis, I first met them 10 years ago in Ecuador.

Strange itmes in the shops in this part of the world

Worms in the fridge

I had to take a closer look,

To my surprise the the containers aren't even covered. I don't think we sell worms like this in shops in England, everyone has plenty in their gardens.

And then fishing hooks almost the size of my hand..to catch alligators with

Bob has a new toy, a Honda 90 scooter,

He asked if I wanted to ride it- I've never ridden anything that size before

It's a blurred picture as the scooter shot off out of control and I thought I was going to die on it. Luckily the fence was there otherwise I would have ended up in the river.