Los Exonerados

Our final day of riding, we were heading back into Chile, we were on an "improved" road which had several toll booths along its length.

It's a question of trial and error when travelling in foreign countries as to whether motorbikes have to pay a toll and queue up with the other vehicles (says the woman who once smashed through a toll barrier in Ecuador!!)
Mexico for example, drives me mad as bike riders HAVE to pay the full toll that a car pays, in fact a pick-up truck with 15 people in the back pays the same as a solo motorcyclist!.

In Peru I quickly worked out that we did not have to pay, and therefore we were regarded as Los Exonerdos - The Excused or Forgiven,

and so we would be expected to take the Exonerados Lane, which in the above picture means keeping in the right hand lane and going past the orange traffic cone, while other vehicles followed the car.
however the others in my group had not realised - and at several booths as I arrived, out would run one or two uniformed guys waving their arms and gesturing me to keep to the right. Obviously some of the riders were ahead of me and had taken the incorrect lane, putting the toll booth attendant in an awkward position - what on earth should they do with an Exonerated in their lane. A fee HAS to be paid for every vehicle that passes through, and the attendant has to show they have taken a payment from each one, but an Exonerdo has broken the rule, there is a no fee and yet they are counted because they have travelled in the WRONG lane- who will be responsible for it?