Loitering in Louisiana

Exploring the area by pick up truck with Clint- a fellow off-roader from my ride through Ecuador- we'd taken to the truck as the rain was torrential

We admired swamps, levees and bridges

This was definitely the wettest part of my whole journey.

I was also thrilled to  chance of going to the drive-thru bank; with friends who were most amused at me pulling out my camera to take a picture.

Looking at the picture, I've realised the bloke looks like a mannequin, I can assure you he was a real person complete with southern drawl.

The afternoon was spent trying to upload photos onto my computer sat at the dining table, looking out through the window I realised I had company

Instead of updating my blog, I spent time watching him (or her)

to us Brits, it's an exotic sight to see a bright green lizard.

The following night to a packed audience at the Pack and Paddle Canoe shop in Lafayette, I gave a talk about my travels, for those who may be wondering what on earth I was doing in a canoe shop... yes, there is a canoe connection in my travels, as I have crossed the Niger River in north west Africa in a dug out canoe with my bike. This was a precarious operation and one that is not recommended, the canoe trip NOT the talk.