Lingering at the BMW MOA Rally

I still seem to be at the MOA Rally
It's the final night so a few of us head over to the stadium

Ian, Clayton and Lori amongst them.

Inside it's pretty packed out

They start going through winners and awards and then suddenly this picture appears on the giant screen

My group give me a standing ovation as it turned out I'd won the furthest travelled international rider.
And then we headed to the beer tent...The final night at the MOA Rally was upon us, some people had already left- so there were some sad farewells, we'd been riding and camping together for over a week by this point. Although we weren't so upset that we didn't forget to relieve them of them unused beer tokens. Some of the guys kept them handy as we headed down to the biergarten

The biergarten was buzzing as usual. Our final evening together, Dawn and I were wearing Jeanae's great t-shirts (Ride Like a Girl), so the three of us decided to get on Thelma for a couple of photos.

A suggestion was made to try a Charlie's Angels pose

What we didn't realise is that from the side, it looked very different, with legs flying everywhere.