Life in New York

From leading a relatively solitary life, camping out in the wilds on my own I was thrust into the social side of life in Manhattan, touring round bars and pubs with my hostess, Sabs, and her Yank hubby in tow, I did my best to keep up with them but then, their Irish friends took us to a place that was serving all night until 10.00am

I took the easy way out and retired to bed a lot earlier than that, heading back to my cosy room, I have to say that it felt very safe walking around on my own late at night- a big plus about any large city in my book


Whilst I was out and about sampling gin, Thelma was parked outside the block of flats for a few days, illegally in a parking slot without a meter ticket as the 24 hour tickets were just so expensive. She was gaining some notoriety amongst the neighbours and curious passers by.




Actually I must confess, that bloke is a fellow Brit whom I'd last seen riding across the Salar De Uyuni on a KLR... 10 years ago - I have ways of tracking down people. It was good to met up with him again and relive the adventures we'd had down in South America.


A celebratory lunch, plus a glass or two of wine with the lovely Sabs (my host- think AB Fab's Joanna Lumley but 30 years younger)



I don't actually come from a motorcycling background, so Sabs, along with most of my friends has no concept about what is involved in bike travel, especially, my kind of travel where I'm wild camping most nights, something she finds frightening to even think about. But she's quick to suggest drinks and a toast to the successful completion of my journey.


That was before she saw the state of my room in her apartment...



In my defence I was having to sort out all my kit, as the day was rapidly approaching when I'd be taking Thelma to the shipping agent and so I had to decide which of my belongings went with Thelma and which I would be able to carry myself.