Ladakh is known as the Little Tibet of India, I'd already noticed the similarities in dress, language and houses and now here was a monastery that looked like a copy of the Potala in Lhasa

I'd reached my destination - Leh, having ridden from Dehradun in four days.

I found a good place to stay - Enfield owners can't be wrong I thought as I parked alongside the others

The rest of the garden is for growing the veggies that are served in the guesthouse restaurant

I explore town

Get to know the local wildlife

This poor dog looks like a cross between a dog and a sheep

Have my chai prepared in a very 21st century manner - a bloke using a weird electronic hob whilst using a mobile phone.

Reassuringly he was still using the old fashioned method of measuring out the sugar into the pan using his hand.

Nights are dark here, there is a lack of street lights, but the monasteries and stupas are lit up, looking amazing