Ladies who Launch

Everything is ready
We have Suzi the bike securely tied on the pirogue

We've got comfortable seats for Abi and me (I'll also be using my BMS Ergo seat)

We've been shopping and got floppy hats and umbrellas to protect us from the sun.

Abi looks a bit more Ladies Day at Ascot than me!!

And off we go (never mind that the river is only ankle deep at this point!!)

Yes, SHE got the flowery umbrella

The crew...
this is Marietta

Fali - the main paddle guy is on the left and Nasulah the guide on the right

Together we've got three days of rivers to navigate before we reach a dirt track.

Whoops almost forget, one other passenger, this is Henny Penny who sat in the shade under Suzi most of the time

Henny Penny's motives for travelling seem a bit unclear.