Khardung La


worth having to post it twice as it was a beauty of a road we were riding - straight up to Khardung La, the highest road pass in the world.It's not too far from Leh, but we managed to have a few stories to tell along the way.
first an unofficial checkpoint, where all non-Ladakhi number plate vehicles were having to queue up, explain them selves AND pay money to proceed. I merely played our matrimonial trump card, announcing
"our husbands will sort it out" and sailing right through with my group behind me, and a casual flick of my plaits as I went.. Round the corner I told the group we were now officially on the run and had better put on a bit of speed

which wasn't hard, because most of the time there was almost no traffic - the pic above was just a blip.
the road looked great as we looked down

the next checkpoint was an official one and so we stopped to show our papers and permits

and also to say hello to my friends there. The previous time I had ridden through, I'd had a puncture and the soldiers had helped out.
remember this scene...

The guys were delighted to see me back again, I gave them photos of our time together (a puncture at 4000m can be a very bonding experience). and they rustled up some refreshments served on a tray - which impressed my ladies

we had a loo stop as well, and were a bit intrigued (and amused) by the sign on this loo

we tried to imagine what a female urinal would look like (lock on door prevented closer inspection)
However as we were not female officers, access was denied and we were sent to the Other Ranks zone, where bad news awaited me

Luckily, there was an unlabelled loo in the vicinity which we could make use of. However I am refusing to put pics of three separate loos on one page :)