Island Life 2

I had a bit of an oil leaking problem, as luck would have it, I found an Italian guy with bikes and so could explain to him in Spanish what was happening. Although I can get by in French (English is barely spoken over here) I am still a lot more comfortable talking bike stuff in Spanish after months of travel in Latin America.
And then I lucked out even more as the mechanic turned out to be Swiss and he even spoke English

Swiss mechanic- Giovanni, at work

I left Suzi in his capable hands overnight, meanwhile I was getting around on bicycle rickshaw, here's the view form the passenger seat.

The kids watching my every move from their vantage point in the tree

I hailed a passing pirogue

And use it to get back to the main island, to retrieve Suzi

This time, I hail a tuk tuk plying the route along the beaches

I know someone is going to ask what was wrong with Suzi - but I can't explain beyond...the mechanic had to put silicone stuff somewhere to stop the oil coming out and replace a couple of bolts.

The lemur came back down to play again

and later brought his friend

They're incredibly gentle as they take the banana from my hand, licking my fingers clean and then softly holding my hand to check for any more. Their paws feel more like a baby's hand.

The passing traffic from my hut

Another tough day in paradise, I have a restful