If you like reddish coloured rocks...

Due to the delay from the puncture, I was somewhat late when I got to Arches National Park

So late in fact that the park wardens at the gate had gone home, I spent the rest of the evening chasing the sinking sun across the park, trying to get photos of as many of the great rock formations as I could before it got dark

There are some amazing shapes, all created by the wind, erosion and water

a couple of them later on, I didn't stop Thelma to take the picture, let alone get off her

Don't worry if you're tired of red rock type photos, not too many more

and of course the bike shadow picture

It was getting dark as I left the park and headed up the road. I took a dirt track off the highway and then another one off that, the route got very bumpy, steep and lots of loose stones in the track. A hair-raising ride in the dark. I finally stopped when I realized it was just too dangerous to continue any further.
I thought that last night's camp spot was steep but it was nothing compared to the choice I had tonight...no pictures as it was too dark, wait until morning.

Red Rocks

 Loved the photo's You really know how to live... Be Safe.


Fred D.