If it Moves - Take a Photo

My favourite pig picture- the sow was wallowing on her side just enjoying the mud and the piglets kept pushing at her for milk, even trying to suckle on the teats that were submerged in the mud. As usual this is in the middle of the road.

I picked up a hitchhiker

It took a liking to my Cornish flag

I coudn't find anyone who would confirm that they eat snails in Madagascar -as a former French colony I think they are missing out on these extra large snails.

More over-loaded vans, crammed with people and luggage, the guy hnging out the back is the conductor and money collector and laso acts as the rear view mirror, calling through to the driver when I was overtaking

I reached the coastal town of Antalaha on the Vanilla Coast - riding the roads, the air is full of the scent of the vanilla and clove plantations.

the road ends here, and it was time to find a an alternative route around this final peninsula of land. I headed down to the docks, in search of a ship or boat. The docks were empty and I was told there are no boats. I searched around a bit more then headed into town where I had some veggie fritters and chatted to the owner of the stand. She was very excited to discover that I'm from Britain and started telling me about her friend the British missionary who also travels around on a motorbike. Within minutes by a strange quirk of fate he appeared on his Yamaha bike, wearing black polyester trousers, a white shirt and flipflops-looking very out of place in the heat and humidity.
I was lucky to run into him, the food stand owner introduced us, Andy the Norfolk missionary, who has lived here for five years. He was able to explain that the boats do not use the purpose-built docks as they have to pay mooring charges. Instead they go down the coast a short distance and moor off one of the beaches. If work is needed to be done, the boat is beached and the work is carried out on the sand.

I headed in the direction I'd been sent

There was one boat moored off the beach which I was assured was due to head north shortly - no good to me, I needed to go south. Three boats were pulled up on the beach like the one above, none of them were going anywhere fast. I was told to try again the next day.

I spent the rest of the day tracking down fuel for Suzi- none of the garages had any petrol - only diesel. I eventually found the black marketeer operating out of a grocery shop selling it in water bottles and filled my tank. I'd been getting a bit concerned as this was the second town where there was no fuel and I'd been on reserve for a while.