Idaho ho ho

I'd been invited to a friend's place at Bear Lake, riding north through Utah, it actually got quite chilly in Logan Canyon, as I paused to switch on my heated Gerbing jacket and gloves. Lots of greenery all around and a few deer lurking by the roadside, which made me go a lot slower, I'd been hearing tales about motorcyclists hitting deer and they didn't have happy endings.

Finally, the lake appeared, sparkling blue in the distance.

Naturally I couldn't resist going in for a paddle (or a wade as Americans call it)

The water level in the lake had been dropping for a long time, but in the past year, it has risen as you can tell from the sign.

and then we went out in their little ATV buggy thing, which I completely failed to get a picture of!

The trails through the woods were pretty and it was nice to be a passenger for a change, I could sit back and enjoy the scenery.

We went up to the snow line,

A hike through the woods brought us to some creeks

and back down to the lake, I wish I could have had more time to explore the area on Thelma, some great dirt trails