Horsepower Farm

The following day, I had a radio interview and so I spent some time preparing...first of all, re-doing my nail varnish

And was I pleased I'd done my nails, because that afternoon, we bumped into Mel Gibson at the supermarket (Wholefoods of course), and Sonny being Sonny, bowls up to him and introduces himself and me as well (doing the whole world bike traveller bit), I mumbled something, Mel mumbled something, we shook hands and went off in our opposite directions.

Texas and the land of cheap petrol, where you see billboards like this one

Sonny got his GS out and we headed into town.

We rode over to Horsepower Farm where I met Winslow, the owner, who showed me the Lunch with Tiffany Coates poster he had produced.

Whilst I got ready to give my talk, Thelma was introduced to the rest of the team. The guys in the workshop soon got to grips with her the guy standing up is the birthday boy.

"Miss Coates....that problem with your clutch...did you realise that your clutch adjuster bolt is a few centimetres shorter than it should be??"

Their minds were boggling about what kind of situation causes damage like that...I had a little think about it and then must have been after the nasty fall in Mongolia (long story where my boyfriend had to fly back to England to be operated on whilst I continued my journey). I remember the clutch bolt snapped when Thelma did her handstand, at the time I'd wondered what the Mongolian mechanics did to repair it. Hmmm, they obviously just filed it smooth and put it back in. I was donated a replacement bolt from Winslow's own bike.
I had a great time with everyone at Horsepower Farm, the talk went well and the lunch stretched from 11.00am to 4.00pm at which point they practically had to carry me out still talking.