HJC Helmet and Motorcycle City

Helmet Review

As the world's foremost female motorcycle adventurer I have spent literally years of my life exploring the most remote parts of the world by motorbike which means I have quite strong views about what makes a good choice for a helmet.
Earlier this year I flew over to the US to spend some time in California and Arizona giving talks and presentations about my travels.
The nice folks at Motorcycle House in Brea, California - www.motorcyclehouse.com got in touch and offered me a new helmet to try. We had a chat and within days a brand new HJC CL-17 was shipped to the house I was staying at in Phoenix.
I rode north with friends to Flagstaff, in conditions which varied from smooth tarmac highway to dirt, gravel and sandy roads and loved the helmet.
I am usually a bit wary about buying a helmet without trying it first but this was different, the fit was perfect from the start, the helmet was white - always a sensible choice when you are a long distance traveller as you never know when you will be crossing deserts and believe me, your brains will fry in a dark coloured helmet when you're crossing the Gobi, the Sahara or the Namib desert.
After that initial ride I've done a thorough testing of the helmet with 12 weeks of riding, both on and off-road in all the different road and weather conditions that can be thrown at me both in the US and at home including blazing sunshine, torrential rain, hail and thick fog - there's nothing like the coastal fog of the UK to provide a good testing ground for a rider. The helmet performed well the whole time.
Not having mechanical or moving parts on the chin strap fastening is important, as dirt and debris easily accumulate in moving parts asnd buttons causing them to malfunction so a simple strap and ring fastening is always the best.

The helmet is lighweight which means it's comfortable for long days of riding without making your neck tired.

The shape of the visor is good and it held up well to scratches with just a light buffing removing the surface marks that are bound to happen both on and off-road.
The vents which are easy to use even with gloves on, direct the air over the head to cool the rider when they get a bit over-heated, whether it's due to a traffic jam caused by a camel caravan or the congestion of downtown traffic in Delhi.

  The HJC is very reasonably priced for a helmet of this quality and makes it a good mid-range helmet to buy.Receiving the HJC helmet from Motorcycle CityHJC at Overland Expo WestRiding the cactus lined trails of ArizonaCactus and HJC