The Himalayas, my favourite mountain range

We're in an area to the west of Leh, capital of Ladakh.

Enfields are THE bike to ride out here

and I'm particularly proud of my blue one

We're fuelled by regular chai (tea) stops

I'm not too sure why parachutes feature so prominently as a building material out here.

another aspect of life on the road are fairly regular checkpoints

Roads are a bit rough and ready in places, often without tarmac, and when there is a smooth surface there are other perils to look out for

Regular stops to look around temples -

boots off at the door

and always the lure of the road ahead of us

After that stretch of new road, there are smiles all round

We've paused to look at and get photos of this merging of two rivers

We'd been following the clear Indus river for quite some time, at this point it meets the muddy looking Zanskar river.

And another shot from my favourite pictures folder