High to Low

The temperature had dropped a lot, shivering, we set off, to be faced by a sea of freezing mud- just wet enough to be slick and slippery

we kept to the edge as we made our way down- the safest place to be where the mud wasn't deep, but bear in mind that we're supposed to be riding on the left! and there is a sheer drop of several hundred feet just to our right

To our relief, the mud was replaced by tarmac after a few miles, the tarmac a bit patchy, and various sections of roadworks. It's a harsh life for the workers, living in tents at the side of the road at altitudes of 4000m.

Some of the workers are women, we stopped for a quick chat with these ladies of Ladakh who had put aside their pick axes for a tea break

I passed on some chocolate and some posh hotel toiletries that I had acquired from our hotel down the valley.

To our delight at the bottom of the mountain was a herd of yak

With a photogenic baby one being guarded by its Mum - she charged briefly at another tourist who went too close

Dry landscape with trees ahead

and time for another chai break

and another picturesque loo

We knew we were in Little Tibet when we saw our fist stupas

and the final stretch of beautiful road leading to Leh