Headlong to Keylong

and helmets back on, we get back on the bikes

Negotiating the narrow alley past the tea shop

We were pleased to see tarmac

there were even bridges over the rivers

some more modern than others

But we still had the occasional reminder of snow

That is a massive snow bank hanging over the edge of the road.

The final approach to the village of Keylong - and our destination for the night included squeezing past a bulldozer

One bike stalled as it passed and hit the bulldozer - but these are Enfields and we think the bulldozer came off worse. It did mean that the rest of us were a bit more cautious

and before we knew it, we were checking in

We sat out on the balcony of our third floor rooms, admiring the views

Life couldn't get any better...or could it?

A plate of the best vegetable pakora I'd eaten so far

We were still at more than 3000m, and at these altitudes, and after the riding we'd done, simple tasks are tiring - hence the lying down to clean teeth!

Phew, our group had made it safely over the first big mountain pass - I could relax...at least until tomorrow.