Heading to Utah

 All the fun and sociability was put aside the next day, when I said my goodbyes and headed off on my own once more, I went north leaving behind the coolness of the altitude at Mormon Lake and the greenery from the forests, re-entering more typical Arizona dry desert-like landscapes. As the sun was setting I started looking for a place to camp, I decided maybe this was not a good spot

I managed to find a great place, near Page in northern Arizona

I used the local Burger King as my "office" for the evening, there is unlimited WiFi and so I had a chance to log on to the Internet.

Checking emails and planning a route for the next few days- for those who are wondering what's up?? how come Tiffany is PLANNING??
well the event I was heading to the following weekend was the Adventure Summit and it was to be a competition with points awarded for adventure routes ridden to it. I soon had my competitive head on and was looking at maps to work out my best route

waking up in the morning, I found I was right next to this huge dam, it's at the bottom end of Lake Powell and took over seven years to build. It then took 17 years for the Colorado River to fill up the lake.

no riding along the edge of the dam-style stunts for me, a nice bridge instead

if you have vertigo, I would not recommend this route.

I then tried to fond somewhere to get a cup of tea but it was still early morning and the cafe was not open. They had a sign with their opening hours outside which a young couple were examining and looking at their watches. We then had quite a surreal conversation about the time as they were telling me that Arizona is two hours different from Texas (their home) and so the cafe should be open according to their watches, while I was saying that Arizona is eight hours behind England and we were too early according to my watch. Leaving them to wait I rode on..

what a nice State sign

and what a great warning sign- watch out for people driving this type of vehicle in the desert as they obviously don't know how to use the brakes

I felt the title "Hazards of rough terrain" understated things a bit.

the next sign was even better..what an invitation

I looked round and the only witness was this little fellow

It was a great ride through the desert landscape, the sand wasn't too bad, but then I found out why it was supposed to be closed, as I came around a corner, this was in front of me

and getting closer

they seemed to realise that reverse is possibly not my forte and turned aside

they then flattened things down a bit and I rode through with quite a bit of paddling (and for all those who thought they only helped because I'm a woman, well think again, because the bulldozer drivers thought I was a bloke until I took my helmet off a bit later)

and why did I take off my helmet, well the dust and dirt had been wetted to reduce dust, which resulted in Thelma's tyres looking like this

with a complete lack of grip, Thelma ended up like this

not one of my prouder moments, but you know what.... I was too tired to care. One of the drivers saw what had happened and drove over in his bulldozer to help.
A big thank you to Doug for his assistance, I'd been struggling a while on my own, but as the mud was so deep, I was just sinking deeper into it the more I tried to lift up Thelma. With his help we soon had her upright

and I rode off a bit more gingerly.

road trips

My brother and I ride more than most but we both need are jobs so are road trips can not be non stop (at lease not yet)  I have an 81 R80G/S and an R1100S,  the best of both worlds. We are going to try to get a bucket list ride together this year (I am out side of Philadelphia and he is in Florida.  If you get up to Fairbanks AK you need to stp see Bob, I used his G/S on several visits to him over the years.  Did a lot of road trips with him in the past,  If you are in my are, same thing, stop by There are a lot of places I will never see but perhaps I will get to see the through you eyes, Some of my adventures can be seen on youtube by searching genesisteng"


take care where ever you are...