Heading South

View from the handlebars

Ms Coates on the road with a serious look on her face as she has less than four days to get to Delhi from Leh

It was time to head south again to meet my group in Delhi, as I was re-tracing my route up, I was feeling pretty confident, especially as I was by now acclimatised a lot more to the altitude (4-5000m). But I should have known, things do not always go smoothly.

To begin with: the yak with attitude in the road

He stopped and gave me the evil eye a few times before moving off

he had all his mates with him and I wondered if an Enfield could outrun a herd of stampeding yak.

There seemed to be less snow than on the way up which was a good sign

Yep, had I mentioned the stunning views and scenery around every corner??

Even the Buddhist monks were impressed by their surroundings

At times I had company on the road, I was impressed by the balancing skills of this guy as he chugged along.

Not the most crisp and sharp of photos, but to be fair I was also riding along on the gravel as I snapped this quick picture.

A brief stop at Pang for momos with Mama Momo and the choughs - a symbol of Cornwall (my home nation) and incredible to see them in the Himalayas

One of my favourite spots - I'd like to try and ride my bike through the arch

But that's just a narrow gravel footpath running up to it - and feeling a bit sensible and grown up, I decided to wait until I had someone with me to attempt it...just in case things went wrong