Heading Home

Thelma was last seen being wheeled into the shipping agents' warehouse somewhere in deepest, darkest New Jersey, whilst I was then partying in New York for my final night before flying home.
I always have mixed emotions when I'm heading back to England after a journey. Even more so if I'm not actually riding Thelma, and thus having to once more navigate through a busy airport with a load of bike gear.
I feel a sense of accomplishment at having achieved something, a sense of loss that the journey is over and anticipation about going home- I love where I live and have a close network of family and friends whom I'm always looking forward to seeing again.
JFK Airport, incidentally had the most unpleasant jobs worth person I have ever encountered at any airport...and Yes, I did tell her that

But they let me out and I made it back to England, shortly after, Thelma arrived...

The Aylward Brothers, friends of mine from London had come alongg to assist collecting Thelma from the docks.

It was a bit of a struggle because I'm a bit short to be of much use once Thelma is on a ramp and neither of these guys rides motorbikes...at all!
We eventually got Thelma into the back of the van

Proof that I was back in England

We unloaded Thelma onto the street in Deptford, South London and I waved my Union Jack

Clouds were gathering and I had to move quickly

As Thelma's seat was still on its way back from America, I had to create a substitute, at least for the first part of my journey.

I needed something a bit better than that for the 350 mile ride back down to Lands End, I rode across London and found a Knight in Shining Armour...Steptoe

He happened to have a GS from a similar era which he's in the process of doing up in his workshop- he's a genius with BMW GS bikes.
And he was happy to lend me the seat, which sort of fitted and was definitely a big improvement on my gaffer tape and foam creation.
Huge thanks to Steptoe AKA Neil a veritable hero in British GS circles.