Heading East Alone

Ah, yes Lonely Coates they call me now, my sister, the Loud Librarian is back in her library regaling all and sundry with tales of her African biking exploits. I'll be setting off east and Suzi is in the workshop briefly

a reappearance by Arsene the chef who also turns out to be a mechanic as he fits the larger fuel tank to Suzi and changes the colour scheme a bit.

So Suzi and I apparently now have about 300kms range, which will be useful.

Heading out of Tana I pass the giant granite boulder which is still being chipped away

I can already see the difference from when I passed this way last time.

and the green paddy fields stretching away- apparently Madagascar is the only part of Africa where rice is grown, I must admit I haven't seen fields of rice like this apart from Asia and err, Iran - for those who recall that trip from a coupleof years ago.

Buildings change from scruffy concrete to mud

and there's still tarmac on the road

In Andasibe, I got roped into doing a jungle walk

this was a guy attempting to get a giraffe necked weevil down out of the tree to show us what it looked like

I won't bother doing all the far away shots, here is one of them closer...but what is it...

They've got faces like a koala, no tail and yet they're a type of lemur

called an Indri