A Great Start to 2013

Maybe not bike travel activities but I've had a great start to 2013. New Year's Day found me  braving the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean for what has become a tradition amongst us to dive in and have a swim down at the beach.

Over the next couple of weeks I was also on the water in a couple of other guises with surfing and kayaking.

February found me jetting off to Transylvania to join my friends Greg, Ligia, Tiffany and Oliver. I had a fantastic time snowboarding and enjoying the beauty of the area under its layer of winter snow. I also managed to catch up with Mihai Barbu, a Romanian photographer and bike traveller whom I last saw in Mongolia three years ago. Lots of bike travel reminiscing.

And now I'm looking ahead to the Spring and early Summer. I'm at home in Lands End where I'll be hosting the GS Club UK in late March for a weekend of bike fun.

In April I'm helping to organise the Horizons Unlimited Cornish Mini-Meet, this will be at the Blue Hills Campsite near St Agnes in North Cornwall on the weeked 5th to 7th April.

I look forward to meeting up with any of you at these events.

PS BMW have kindly offered to supply me with a new Enduro helmet ready for my travels in 2013- a big thank you to BMW UK.


How do you afford all this?  Flying here and there?  I would love to adventure motorcycle being I love camping, motorcycling and even the dreary weather that can accompany a trip.  On a paramedic salary, I just wonder how everyone affords it.  

Start Saving!

This is probably the question I get asked the most often...usually after what seems to be the ineveitable "Aren't you scared?"!!

It's a question of prioritising, and WOW, I've just looked up how much a paramedic earns and it's definitely more than me! So, live a cheap and frugal life, focus on the travel and save every penny that you can. That is basically what I do. Living in the UK means that for most travels I don't need to fly (not sure where you are based?), it's possible to ride to every corner of Europe, Asia and Africa. Life on the road tends to be quite cheap for me, petrol is always my biggest expense - unless I'm in Iran or Venezuela!! :)

Good luck.