Goodbye Texas

Having had a very sociable time in Austin and even having managed to catch up with one of the guys I rode to Tibet with last year, it was time to say my farewells. Before I left I to put my new sticker on the topbox.

It seemed very appropriate for Thelma.

Sonny accompanied me out of town on his GS, he's one of those people who can make a big GS seem like a small bike.

Luckily for me the brutal summer weather had cooled a bit as I headed east.

I stopped at a garage to get some petrol and got talking to the owner, he had an unusual accent and so I asked where he was from. He replied "Hunza",
and then was most surprised when I said it's one of my favourite places in the world...and I launched into a long conversation with him and his brother about Gilgit, Karimabad and Ishmaili people, they said it's the first time anyone in Texas has ever even known where their home village is and when I showed them some of my photos from that region (Northern Pakistan), they were almost in tears. Such lovely people.

In typical Ishmaili fashion, they were falling over themselves to provide refreshments and food, but I had to continue as I knew friends were waiting for me further down the road..