Go West Young Woman

I needed to find an Internet Cafe and having been assured by the hotel owner that there was one just down the road, I headed off to find it, the afternoon became a wild goose chase culminating in me having to "kidnap" the heloful loke from the Jovenna garage to be my guide and point out the route to me from Suzi's pillion.

I was so long at the Internet Cafe - partly because I'd had no contact with the outside world for quite a few days and also because the connection was a bit slow - that when I came out it was dark. i rode back to my hotel at a cautious speed, watching out for potholes and wanderig cows like this one

The next morning I went back to find some flame trees I'd spotted while doing my wild goose chase and was successful

Another shot where I mistimed my self-timer

It was time to get out of Dodge City, Suzi and I turned west towards the mountains, our departure noted only by the zebu

Time for a quick couple of selfies

I got that one a bit wrong with the timer - I seem to be peering at the camera wondering if it has taken the picture yet. this was better

I look at these and think to myself..maybe it's time for some new leather trousers, these ones get baggier by the day and I've been wearing them for over 10 years. Comfortable with a capital C