Getting Worse

Me? The Bike? The Conditions? Or all three?

The zebu get through Ok, though they also churn it up when there are a lot of them

They also sometimes make use of the narrow path around the edge- a route that I now call the Wall of Death

The day dragged one, with lots of tricky mud sections and hard work by me to negotiate them. It' was very hot and I was exhausted, I then started to drop the bike on silly sections - twice; and as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and looking grim, I took a selfy to prove it

To my relief a village loomed and the locals took good care of me, producing a chair, a bowl of food and a drink...chilled?? Don't be silly!

It's never a good sign when the local ducks are using the road as their pond

This was a picturesque bridge and I tried to persuade a local to take a photo of me crossing it- he completely refused and backed away, this was me, showing him what I meant about taking a photo

Frown/anxiety lines at their best