Getting Wet and Cold

Trucks, ice and snow

A frozen lake

But my favourite sight has to be this broken down lorry and the guys squatting beside it lighting fires

Trying to warm up the diesel in the tanks to get it going again, it looked like it had been there a couple of days at least. I was beginning to get concerned about how never-ending my own journey was being.

On the plus side, it was sunny and I had blue skies. I'm easily pleased and can still smile

Baralacha La - I made it, didn't stop and kept going until I saw the welcoming sight of the chai (tea) shops, though strictly speaking, these are tea tents.

A warm cup of tea helped me take my mind off my freezing feet, and some friendly words from other travellers helped me to leave the warmth of the tent and get back on the road

It was a nasty road going down, my body temperature was plummeting as I desperately tried to keep my feet out of any more water and finding that balance between making good progress but not going too fast to feel cold, whilst still cursing at the tricky bits in the road.

I finally made it to Sarchu - a high altitude valley

Nothing- as in ZERO facilities except tent sites, but, hey it was a place to stop after my loooooong ride, having left Manali in my role as International Guinea Pig this morning.