Getting Ready

The Countdown started and time was ticking away. The past few weeks have been pretty busy with getting ready to go whilst still holding down a full-time job up until the day before I left the country

I've had a lot of help from various people, whom I like to think are doing this because they feel
"Wow what a great adventure to support"
but actually I suspect it's something more along the lines of
"that poor misguided Englishwoman is setting off again, she needs all the help she can get"!

First of all Bill Mayers who customised the seat on Thelma for me, and who is someone that realises just what a bony backside I've got, has sent me a strap-on seat. A new BMS Ergo, to try out

whilst those nice chaps at Giant Loop sent me a box of goodies

My excitement knows no bounds as I dig through the contents of the box

Here it all is, now I've got to work out how to attach it to a bike. Some of the stuff is new prototype- if it passes the Tiffany Coates test than anyone can use it!

I fitted in a quick trip to Cyprus to visit my brother, refresh my diving skills and get some warmth!
I also had some new sunglasses from Ugly Fish - the best motorcycle glasses in the world

While I'm away, Thelma will be in the safe hands of Craig and Barbara where she will be having a bit of an overhaul and some TLC. It was sad to leave her behind, but nice to see how happy these two are to have her in their clutches! I'll be getting regular updates.

Ian Coates came down the weekend before I left- mainly to wave someone off at Lands End but I persuaded him to stay for a couple of days, and we managed a nice coastal walk... in the driving rain!

Ian has also travelled extensively, and as we share a surname (no relation) he's often asked in various corners of the world- are you Tiffany's Dad?! We've narrowly missed each other when we've managed to be on the same continent and were even once both in Bulgaria at the same time but opposite ends of the country and I had a tour group tagging along who would probably not have appreciated doing a social call! So it was good to finally met up.

Maps purchased from Stanfords and I was ready to go, once more heading to an airport with full bike gear.

 Fourth picture down. You

 Fourth picture down. You holding up all your new gear. Is that a box of chaw in your pocket?


Not sure what that is. In fact it's a small tin of Vaseline that I use as lip balm.