Getting Home

Having said goodbye to Suzi, it was time to pack - a bit of an issue to cram everything into my bags, despite travelling light I seemed to have acquired quite a lot of stuff.
My room on my last night while I was attempting to pack

I had to get a connecting flight in Paris and enjoyed a northern hemsiphere sunset at the airport

The combined flights were about 14 hours, I then had to get the overnight train home from London. I made up a cosy sleeping area on the floor of the train using camping gear and my bags

Early morning and the train arrived in Cornwall, as it pulled into the station, I heard a shout and there was my sister AKA the "Loud Librarian" waiting to greet me

Resplendent on the platform in her pyjamas and dressing gown - some of you might remember her looking like this

Getting home is always a strange mixture of emotions; pleasure at seeing family and friends after months away but also a sense of loss at no longer being on the road.