Georgia on my Mind

I was back on the road looking at the farms I was passing, which all seemed to be in contention for the Most American Farmhouse in the Mid-West competition.

And loving signs as simple as this

Yield??? That's not something you do with a vehicle, it's a wrestling term, or something that kinights used to demand in days of yore.

Despite my best efforts I'd been just about the last rider to leave our camping area (probably not a surprise to the others)- I must remember not to chat so much, the late start meant I didn't get too far on my day's riding...I'd been expecting to camp somewhere in Tennessee but my map is small and I somehow managed to be in a different state, though on the plus side I did get an unexpected view of that archway thing in St Louis which I've heard about on the telly.
I ended up somewhere in Illinois and stumbled across a great camping spot, which I have to confess I accessed via a small footpath which was a squeeze for Thelma, but when I saw the view from my tent in the morning, it was worth it

I'm sure a real camp site would probably charge a fair amount of money for this type of location. Further round it became even more picturesque

Much as I enjoy camping, I was looking forward to a couple nights in a real bed having spent the past 14 nights in my tent. Humidity was rising as I went southwards and arrived at Fabrizio and Geoffrey's house in Atlanta, that bastion of southerness. The combination of a warm latin american welcome combined with legendary southern hospitality was fantastic, some wine, great conversation and a comfortable bed awaited me. I also had a go on Fabrizio's BMW bike...

It looks a bit like Thelma without her seat and was a lot of fun to ride.

I stayed in Atlanta for a couple of days, my hosts were amused by my version of a GPS

Yep folks, that's right good old pen and paper (and a nice view of one of the dents in Thelma's fuel tank!) A close up of the pages, and apologies to those of you wincing at my liberal use of sellotape on the petrol tank, but a few adhesive marks are nothing compared to the the battle scars that Thelma has.