Funny Foreigners

A final day on the beach watching the locals, and then sneaking into the Italian version of Club Med just around the corner
where they had beach cleaners

I sauntered around trying to look inconspicuous and muttering "Ciao" at anyone who came near me, the highlight was the yoga session led by a guy wearing a pair of tiny speedos. I lounged in the pool - not as nice as the sea, ate my way through several courses at the buffet table and then went back to my pauper's corner, wondering a bit about these Italian tourists who will be going home and talking about their time in Madagascar, having only spent time at this one small resort. A very different experience from my own.

Heading to the port, I got stuck behind this heavily laden Renault

amazingly they didn't lose a single orange...

Back on the mainland, a couple of young women befriended me- curiosity and perhaps sensing a kindred spirit as they were riding around on a moped

Only the second woman I had spotted riding on two wheels

Loving the barefoot kickstarting

Suzi had somehow got a flat tyre, so I got the local tyre guys to sort it out, while I sat on the shady side of the street

I was there for a while as they were also doing a couple of rush jobs for other people, everyone passing was having a good look at me

I was offered a snack

the vendor was an eight year old girl called Amalie

Out on her own with her kid brother tagging along, trying to make some money. I attempted to explain my vegetarian beliefs -
"Nothing with a face"
which she didn't seem too sure about - they're not used to foreigners and their fancy ways here.